Baron Daniel Rembolt of Coal Town

A fat man with greasy hair and a lascivious smile.


Daniel Rembolt is a man who loves gold, and he will do anything to get it. Famous for the complex of mines at Coal Town and the thousands of slaves which he works there, Rembolt has grown rich and fat in his manor house. His militia watch over the slaves who mine for precious metals, killing any who step out of line or disobey an order. They rarely leave the mines, and so the general population in his lands often go wanting when monsters or bandits raid them. Indeed, Rembolt is hated by many simply for this reason. His attitude towards slavery is commonly shared by many humans, but it is expected that the Baron protect the people living in his Barony.

The Baron himself often travels to Purg to gain political positions and whatever power he can, though to do so he has to travel through Baron Marten Kilgarde’s lands. The two hate one another with a passion, both as greedy as one another and equally influential in Purg. War between the two baronies is common, and the bloodshed has been brutal upon both sides. Rembolt is known to be friendly with Kimbard Chark however, and is particularly fond of the Charkian wine, taking in vast barrels of it each month.



Baron Daniel Rembolt of Coal Town

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