Baron Duncan Oxenhold

Baron of Oxenhold, 60 years with greying hair.


‘The Ox’ as he is referred to by his soldiers in Oxenhold, Baron Duncan is a mature man of 60 years who has defended his fort for all of his life. With greying hair and a fierce visage, he is a veteran of Orc wars and skirmishes with the Eastern Satrap. The Baron is perhaps the least interested of all his peers in politics and gaining power. Instead, he has devoted his life to the defence of the realm, and for that reason is loved by his men and much of the population.

However that is not to say that all races love the Baron, for he has been known to enslave both elves and dwarves in times of conflict to defend the keep. Indeed, he has a standing force of enslaved men who are indentured to him. Some enjoy the lifestyle more than working in a mine for all of their lives.

The Ox and Baroness Adeline Sholkstead know one another well, as Sholkstead often falls under attack from invading monsters travelling out of the Weald, and the Baron often sends troops their way.

The Baron has long been enemies with Baroness Kir Bleak who is often seeking to take control of pieces of his land.



Baron Duncan Oxenhold

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