Baron Judd of Blackford

An old man with white hair and warm smile.


Judd Blackford is an old man with rheumy eyes, and is the ruler of the backwater town of Blackford. Despite his seemingly harmless exterior and lack of power, that which he has, he taxes. The Marsh Walker station is the most profitable business in town, and Judd taxes this extortionately. The Marsh Merchants are poor men here, as all of their goods fall under the Baron’s duristiction. The Blackford militia are a meagre force of men woefully undermanned to protect the people from monster attacks from the Marshes.

Judd himself is often seen travelling from hovel to hovel, taking money from those he can and enslaving those who can pay his extortionate rates no longer. For the most part, the Marsh Barons leave Judd to himself, though it is rumoured some hope to see his son, Graeme Blackford come to power, as Judd is an unpopular figure, even for a Baron.



Baron Judd of Blackford

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