Baron Kimbard Chark

Baron of Chark, 30 years old with oily brown hair.


Kimbard presides over Chark, a fairly unimportant city covered in snow for most of the year. A man of thirty years with a slim build and oily brown hair, he remains in his town house for a lot of his time, and what he does there is unknown to most. Rarely taking great actions, for few need to be made in Chark, the populace are fairly indifferent to the Baron. Whenever trolls kill a caravan or settlement, his soldiers are usually present shortly thereafter. Huge lines of slaves pick berries in the icy fields to make the famous Charkian wine from this area, and the Baron seems content to grow rich off their labour.

No other Barons try to usurp his rule or interfere with his domains, as Chark is too far south for most, and holds little political value. It is known that the Charks and Rembolts of Coal Town harbour good relations, and often share and sell slaves with one another, and in times of hardship, even food.



Baron Kimbard Chark

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