Baron Marten Kilgarde

Blonde unkempt hair and nervous, pale blue eyes.


Marten Kilgarde is a blonde haired man who looks older than his thirty years. Worry lines underscore nervous but intelligent eyes, and he wears unwashed nobleman’s clothes. The Kilgarde’s are an ancient family who have ruled in the city for hundreds of years. The Baron is known to be welcoming of other cultures, as Kilgarde has always been heavily influenced by the Eastern Satrap. He does command a strong military presence in the East of the Broken Kingdom however, and the Free City of Jetsam has felt pressure from both Marten andBaroness Muriele Markid of late, and it is thought that the two have designs upon the city.

Marten is considered a strong Baron and is an adversary of Baron Daniel Rembolt; the two hate one another. Many are the wars fought between the two Baronies, though Marten Kilgarde has the stronger military presence, and knows Baron Rembolt is jealous of the riches Kilgarde enjoys from trade with the Eastern Satrap.



Baron Marten Kilgarde

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