Baroness Adeline Sholkstead

A blonde beauty with a cunning glint to her eyes.


Adeline Sholkstead is a young woman, as proud as she is beautiful, and exceptionally unmarried. Her beauty draws many suitors to her small town of Sholkstead, and has made the town wealthy despite the Orcish menace to the North. It is said that Adeline has issued a message to the Orc King Krug; to come and meet her, and the common folk claim even he would bow before her beauty were he to do so. The Baroness often holds balls and extravagant parties where she issues such announcements, entertaining the rich nobles and elite, while the peasant folk work the fields or hunt for a living.

Baron Duncan Oxenhold is rumoured to be very fond of the Baroness, and often sends his veteran troops to her when in times of need, and so Sholkstead itself has a larger military influence than on first appearance. Baron Oxenhold and Adeline have a shared distaste for Baroness Kir Bleak who often tries to take both of their lands by force. Other than the Bleak family, Adeline is tolerated by most of the other Barons, who are either too far or too enchanted to wish her ill.



Baroness Adeline Sholkstead

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