Baroness Kir Bleak

Baroness of Bleak Redoubt, long dark hair and pale skin.


The Baroness is a beautiful but austere woman with pale skin and long dark hair. She seems to be around 50 years of age. Little is known about her family, the Bleaks, as they live in Bleak Redoubt where few travel. Despite this she has a large influence over Purg and its politics, controlling the Bleak Pass and levying taxes on all who come through. The Baroness has a large standing army which rules over her lands and protects peasants from monsters and bandits. Known for her ruthlessness and ambition, and whenever she does travel to Purg, the children hide inside their homes and the other Barons prepare themselves for an icy reception.

Baron Oxenhold is a long-time rival of the Baroness, and many are the small wars they have fought over territories, and many more are the treaties signed thereafter promising peace, though they never last long.



Baroness Kir Bleak

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