Baroness Muriele Markid

A young brown haired woman garbed in nobles attire.


Muriele is a young woman who owns a lot of land to the East of Purg, and has created her own Barony. With long brown hair and a fair complexion, Muriele is a strong ruler and has had to overcome many obstacles in her rise to power. Much of her land is in the forests, so her people are foragers and hunter gatherers as well as field hands. Indeed, the Markid Manor lies within these forests, and is her seat of power in the Broken Kingdom.

Muriele treats her citizens fairly well, but she has not shied away from the practice of slavery however, and has made a fair amount of wealth from selling slaves to Marten Kilgarde to the southeast. Relations between the two Baronies appear to be good, and both hate Baron Rembolt of Coal Town, though Muriele has never pledged troops to fight in one of their many wars.

It is rumoured that the Markid family and the Kilgardes have designs upon Jetsam; an abundance of elves and dwarves means plenty of wealth to be had if it could be reached, and many Barons look unfavourably upon the alliance between the two and the potential power they could gain together.



Baroness Muriele Markid

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