Orc King Krug

The biggest, meanest Orc in the world right now.


Little is known about Krug as no man has ever lived to tell the tale of him. Word has only come through captured goblins and other monsters who whisper his name in fear. To become the King in Ur-Gharod, an Orc must defeat all other rivals, and so Krug must be an Orc of incredible strength and brutality.

This is surely the case, as more attacks have been made against Sholkstead and surrounding environs South of the Weald. More monsters have been leaving the Weald and entering the Broken Kingdom, seeking refuge from the Orcish armies gathering in Ur-Gharod. This has led to more human casualties and villages being burnt by Goblins and Gnolls.

The Broken Barons fear that Krug will make a concerted push into their lands at some point in the future, though they are too divided to do act upon their apprehension.



Orc King Krug

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