Blackford is a backwater settlement which crosses into the Western Marshes, and is the border between the Broken Kingdom and the Western Marshes. The ancient, if somewhat uneasy, alliance between the two states means that the border is mostly unguarded however, alongside the fact that the Marsh Barons can muster very few forces.

Blackford is little more than a backwater village despite its geographical importance, home to some Marsh Merchants and ruled by a small collective of elders. A Marsh Walker outpost is stationed at Blackford which leads to the other settlements.

The Marsh Walker station is the most profitable business in town, and Baron Judd taxes this extortionately. The Marsh Merchants are poor men here, as all of their goods fall under the Baron’s duristiction. The Blackford militia are a meagre force of men woefully undermanned to protect the people from monster attacks from the Marshes.



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