Dust is the old capital city of the Eastern Satrap, though it is now a fairly barren city, the Godking’s aggressive economic regime leading to the land around Dust drying up and being left dead.

The Godking moved South to Oasis and more fertile grounds, but many inhabitants of the Satrap live in Dust, for to live in Oasis means you are either incredibly wealthy, or a slave. At least in Dust, while there is slavery, there is more of a chance for the common man to survive, with Dust Port to the North being an opportunity to live one’s life as a sailor on a merchant vessel or hunter vessel (the latter being ships crewed to hunt the various Sea Monsters for the Godking’s trophy wall).

There is very little that grows around Dust, and so most people become traders who travel around the Satrap, occasionally reaching into the Broken Kingdom and Purg, trying to sell whatever trinkets they can find or steal, only returning to Dust to bring whatever they have made back to their starving families.



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