Gallow and Gallow Keep

Home to Baron Gallow, foremost of the Marsh Barons, Gallow is the capital of the Western Marshes. More of a gigantic swamp village than a built up city, Gallow has expanded from the swamp up into the spiny trees which grow there, allowing its people to live in tree huts and escape the dangerous ground surface.

Ringed by a palisade, Gallow is the most defensible place in the Marshes, and as such has the largest population. The people are mostly Marsh Merchants or fishermen by trade, and some few make a living by killing monsters for the local barony. Slaves are used to for these tasks too, being expendable, and hundreds are lost every month to monster attacks.

Gallow Keep is the seat of Baron Gallow, a small fortress amongst the sprawl of the city built of wood and sticks so damp with swamp water that it could never burn. The Gallow Guard, the Baron’s militia force, patrol its walls and ensure none enter. In times of emergency the Gallow Guard are expected to defend the city from attacks.


Gallow and Gallow Keep

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