The most widespread of all the races in Atonica, humans make up around 70% of most populations across the lands. They are a durable and adaptable folk, living at most to around 70 years due to working and living conditions.

Though there is little slavery for the poorest peasants, many are still indebted to landowners. Despite this, they are privileged citizens in comparison to most elves and dwarves, and often have a distaste for them, following the lead of the aristocracy.

For a rich human, life is far easier. Being a landowner can make one incredibly wealthy, and still more become slavers to make a pretty penny, selling their human cargo in Purg or down in Oasis to the Godking and his elite. Slavery is accepted as a necessary evil amongst the peasantry, and though some pity the enslaved races, more still persecute them.



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