Other Settlements

In the Eastern Satrap, there are only 2 main cities: Dust and Oasis. Despite this, there is a huge land mass seemingly unoccupied if one was to simply look at a map of Atonica.

This is not the case however, as many in the Eastern Satrap are nomadic folk, travelling around the land in mobile caravans and settlements, never staying for long in one place. There are many dangers for such peoples, first and foremost being the heat of the desert, which has been the death of many a traveller in the past.

Moreover there are many creatures which inhabit the wilderness of the desert, from Sand Wyrms who burrow into the ground, to the Crocolisks which terrorise the Oasis river and kill merchants sailing along the trade route. For this reason, the travelling towns often have mercenary soldiers from the Broken Kingdom or even as far as the Western Marshes accompanying them.


Other Settlements

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