The city of Purg is divided into 4 cantons: Noble, Merchant, Free Peoples (Poor), and the dreaded Gulag district.

The Noble canton is home to the human aristocracy and vying barons, six of which are currently holding office in Purg.

The Keep is the former seat of the Emperor, and where many nobles frequent and play their power games, all hoping to one day become Emperor by destroying their opponents.

The Merchant canton is where all trade goods are being exchanged with rich Eastern traders selling spices and exotic wares. There are even a few magical items being sold here for exorbitant prices. For the most part this is the home of the middle classes of human society.

The poorest canton is where the Free Peoples live; a mixture of freed elves and dwarves still crippled by debts enforced by the state and even some humans down on their luck. This is also a hive for criminal networks.

The Gulgag is not one gaol but instead a whole complex of them, stretching for several miles. This is the centre of all Clandestine activities; where many Tainted or those suspected of necromancy or witchcraft are brought to be tortured and executed. They run regular raids into the Free People’s district, elves being their favourite targets.



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