Slavery is a common practice in the Broken Kingdom, and in fact the economy of the realm is reliant on slavery to fuel it. Whilst those who are forced into slavery come to hate their servitude, it is widely considered a necessary evil by others. Culturally, slavery has always been accepted, at least by mankind. The slave races such as the elves and the dwarves often feel less sympathetic themselves, but they too have been known to use slaves to build and work land for them.

Slaves who are physically superior are used in the great mining complexes, particularly Coal Town, where they will serve an indenture of up to 100 years, unless their master sees fit to release them. Rebellions are common in Coal Town, though they are always crushed eventually. Dwarves and Half-Orcs are particularly prized slaves to send into the mines.
Other Dwarves may work as engineers in the Broken Kingdom, building and creating their whole lives. Many are also sent to work on airships and crew these vessels until their service is over or they meet their end on the skies.

Elves are often used as servants to nobles and wealthy families, being more graceful and well-spoken than their Dwarven counter parts. Sometimes these elves come to enjoy their lives, becoming attached to the family they serve, others still long for the wild and release from human civilisation.



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