The Clandestine

The Clandestine, or Clan as they are often referred to as, are a secret organisation loyal to the Emperor only, are dedicated to hunting down necromancy in The Broken Kingdom. There has been no Emperor for the past hundred years however, and the Clan have no higher authority to rein them in. They terrorise the population with witch-hunts. Many are taken to the Gulgag and never seen again.

Their leader is High Purger Vorn and he is perhaps the most dangerous man in the Broken Kingdom. He leads his followers with a fanatical zeal, and much of the human population has been swept up in the anti-magic movement over the past hundred years. Elves and Dwarves, when not enslaved to a landowner, are commonly hunted and lynched by the mob, led by a Purger; an elite warrior who specialises in killing mages.

Indeed, when a Purger is in town, any who use magic are quickly sniffed out, and if they are not known already to the Clan as using ‘safe magic’, it is likely they will be killed. This list of ‘safe mages’ is known only to the Clan, but it is understood very few are indeed on the list. In particular the Clan hates necromancy, and for anyone even suspected of using it, a terrible fate awaits. The seventh son of a seventh son is taken by the Clandestine to serve as Purger, and they are taken to Purg to undergo a gruelling indenture of training.

The Purgers have been known to carry around the ancient magics of the Dragon-Kin which they revere as being pure magic, almost holy. In this respect they are similar to the Dragon Cults, but dark blood magic has been known to be used by these cults, and the Clan has sworn to hunt down these pretenders. The Dragon-Kin left behind mechanical pistols infused with magic, and some Purgers use these incredibly rare weapons to perform their bloody work.


The Clandestine

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