The Fall

No-one knows exactly what The Fall was or how exactly it came about. Whatever this cataclysmic event was, it caused the collapse of all society and the ruin of the Dragon-kin Empire hundreds of years ago. It is widely thought that machinery was at the root of The Fall, and the Gods punished the inhabitants of Atonica for seeking to create life and becoming equal to them. Other scholar’s write that a great battle of Gods occurred in Asgaard and one of their strikes was so strong is landed in Atonica.

Whatever the true answer, a huge amount of knowledge and technology was lost in The Fall. The art of magic was nearly entirely lost, with only a few practitioners still alive. The machinery of the Dwarves was greatly destroyed; their machines and weapons now crude in comparison to their forefathers’. Not only that, but the art of repairing flintlock weaponry is all but lost, making working pistols rare and precious. This also led to the Dragon-kin Empire becoming the Broken Kingdoms, with power hungry factions all trying to grab power and the rise of Man as the strongest race.

With the Dragon-kin Empire in ruins and the Broken Kingdoms a fractious and divided front, other forces have grown in power. There has been a rise in Necromancy, and whispers of a Dead King in the West feeding from this. The group known as The Clandestine have begun witch-hunts and now terrorise the populace with their brutal methods to counter this outbreak.

The Orc-held territories in the Weald have grown in strength due to the division. Raids are common, growing in ferocity and size. Marauding bands are a danger to travellers and merchant caravans. The Weald itself, the dense forest appears to have been expanding in the past years.

The Godking in the Satrapies of the East has begun moving westwards and threatening to encroach upon the Broken Kingdoms, something the baronies are very unhappy about, but lacking the power to really stop the Godking and his army all they do is bicker. For now, the two states are not at war, but tension is clearly growing.

The Dragon-kin fled before The Fall to a city in the sky, the only race with fore-knowledge of this event. Many in the Broken Kingdom resent the Dragon-kin for leaving them behind in a broken world and not using the technology they have in their city to help them.


The Fall

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