Godking Balishar

The power in the East.


Said to be a powerful magician and known to be a ruthless dictator, Godking Balishar has ruled over the Eastern Satrap for nearly twenty years, and is the longest ruling Godking in history. Having started in Dust and draining it of all resources, Balishar continued his conquest south where he founded Oasis, the new capital of the Eastern Satrap. The Godking Balishar then took the Lower Satrap from the Broken Kingdom and started to use it as a gold mine of resources to feed into his new capital.

The Godking fuels his dictatorship upon the backs of hundreds of thousands of slaves. Slavers from all over Atonica come in droves to Oasis to sell their human cargo to the Godking and his ruling elite. Due to the fatality rates of slaves, the demand is constant. Huge palaces and buildings are erected in Oasis by slave lines, the workers living in brutal conditions under the unforgiving heat of the Sun.

To his subjects, Balishar is considered a God on earth, and no other God from the Pantheon has disputed his claim as of yet. In his great Palace, pilgrims come to worship their ruler and deity, and in the Satrap it is considered rude not to respect the Godking when worshipping another God.

It is clear that Balishar has designs upon the Broken Kingdom, though no overt acts of war have been enacted. The peace treaty signed after the Lower Satrap was taken by Balishar has held for a decade, with only a few skirmishes being fought at Oxenhold at Kilgarde. The Broken Barons know that is only a matter of time before the Godking turns his full attention to their borders however.



Godking Balishar

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