The Pantheon of Gods

The Pantheon of Gods are active on the mortal Plane, though rarely take direct action. They live in Asgaard, Nilfheim, and Baator, and more concerned with their own power plays to take much notice of mankind. Occasionally they will interfere in the world, or answer the call of a notable figure praying to them. All of the Gods have temples to them within Atonica, and whilst a person may worship one God above the others, the whole Pantheon is acknowledged to some degree. The names given to the Gods have been inherited from the Dragon-Kin Empire.


Odin – Odin is the Patron of Dwarves, and previous ruler in Asgaard, but has lost much of his power. It is thought that he was dethroned during The Fall.

Bahamut is God of Justice, Protection and Nobility. His worshippers often become Paladins and vow to uphold good, though these individuals are increasingly rare in the world. Bahamut rarely leaves Asgaard, and has not been sighted for several decades.

Avandra is Goddess of Change, Luck and Travel. Explorers and travellers often worship her above others, and she has been known to grant wishes upon those who are intrepid.

Correllon is God of Beauty, Art, Magic and the Fey. He is the Patron of Eladrin, though still recognised in Atonica. Corellon rarely troubles himself with mortals, and is understood to appear in the Feyweald more than in Atonica.

Erathis is the Goddess of Civilization, Inventions and Law. Worshipped in city centres with statuary and temples, she is the Patron of a great many settlements.

Melora is the Goddess of Wilderness, Nature and the Sea. She is thought to appear upon the Shattered Isles commonly along with her creatures. Commonly worshipped by hunters and druids, Melora has supposedly been seen taking the form of stag or panther.


The Raven Queen is The Queen of Death. Despite this, she is neither good nor evil, merely inescapable like the tide. She has been known to appear in temples dedicated to her, and is seen as one of the most active gods in Atonica. The Queen rules over her own plane of existence called Nilfheim, where dead souls go to rest.


Asmodeus is the God of Tyranny and Domination. The Lord of Devils in Baator, the plane below Nilfheim, Asmodeus is a chaotic force and seen as evil. Mortals worship him to appease him, in the hopes they will find good fortune by avoiding his wrath.

Gruumsh is the God of Slaughter and Destruction. Patron of Orcs and all things destructive, Gruumsh is an unpredictable figure. It is thought that he has little influence outside of the Weald, due to the fact that mostly Orcs worship him, and people are thankful for this.

Tiamat is the Goddess of Greed and Envy. She schemes and plots the undoing of the Gods in Asgaard, and has been known to appear in Atonica to lay waste to worshippers of the Asgaardian Gods to spite them.

The Pantheon of Gods

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